Acoplastic’s PTFE products comply with sanitary standards

Worldwide, international and local standards have been introduced to prevent water supply units from causing waste, abuse, unnecessary consumption or contamination. At the same time, there is a requirement for compliance with an appropriate quality.

For products / units related to water supply, Acoplastic works according to the following standards:


WRAS is developed and accepted by all water supply stations in, for instance, the UK. The standard consists of a WRAS product approval as well as a WRAS material approval.

WRAS product approval: Covers entire products such as valves, boilers and showers, which undergo a mechanical test and a water quality test.

WRAS Material Approval: Covers non-metallic materials and components, such as our PTFE fittings, O-rings and seals, which are tested for their effect on water quality. On that basis, we can document that our components do not cause water contamination on their own, and comply with the current requirements for rules.



3-A Sanitary Standards (3-A SSI)

An American Standard whose main purpose is to protect all consumer goods against contamination and to ensure that all contact surfaces can be cleaned / sterilized or easily removed for manual cleaning. Among other things, the standard ensures optimal conditions for dairy and food products that may come into contact with the given component part.

If you would like further information about our certifications and approvals, please contact our engineers at tel. (+45) 4925 2160 or via info@acoplastic.dk

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