PTFE is a unique material that brings together a variety of strong features in one solution.

PTFE is a unique material that brings together a variety of strong features in one solution.


PTFE brings together many unique features in one solution:

  • Lowest coefficient of friction among all known plastic types – for instance suitable for bearings like rotating parts in a given machine
  • Non-stick function (hydrophobic non-stick surface) – suitable as slide elements, etc.
  • Self-lubricating properties
  • High chemical resistance
  • Not degraded by UV light
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Wide working temperature range: From ÷ 200 ° C to 260 ° C (continuous)
  • Suitable for installation systems in for instance the food industry and for environmental sampling
  • Age-resistant (long function / lifetime) – can be used in places with minimal accessibility, such as closed systems

Flexible and economical solutions

With PTFE, we can “design” the material properties to your specific needs and produce units with microscopic precision. This makes PTFE a highly flexible and economical solution – especially in the manufacture of machine parts, diaphragms, seals, gaskets, valves, etc. With the use of PTFE components as installation parts, you also achieve a reduction in wear and energy consumption for your machines.

Strengthening specific properties of PTFE

Does your subject need be resistant to UV light, give minimal friction, be self-lubricating or have extended durability? All of these requirements can be met by adding different additives (glass, carbon, graphite, bronze, stainless steel, etc.) to the pure PTFE and adjusting the manufacturing process and the final properties. Our PTFE compounds are used, for example, in applications where pure PTFE does not perform optimally.
You can read more about the specific properties of each PTFE type by clicking on the respective links under the menu item “About PTFE”.

It is a complex task to choose the correct PTFE compound for a given application, but you are always welcome to draw on Acoplastic’s insight and experience.
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