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Shorten lead times with a flexible supplier who handles the entire supply chain – from raw material to machined machine parts– in-house. The machine parts we manufacture in PTFE and high-tech plastic are produced to blend smoothly into your production flow and optimise the supply chain – just-in-time.

Just-in-time delivery and flexible supply chain

Our deep and broad experience makes us an attractive option for customers looking to consolidate their deliveries of machine parts in PTFE and high-tech plastic. We have a proactive approach towards our customers, and to insure the flexibility of supply chain. Our stated objective is to generate value for our customers through just-in-time deliveries and customized warehouse and logistics solutions that help scale back administrative resources and cut development costs.

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Establish full traceability and systematic quality assurance

As an independent supplier, Acoplastic covers the entire supply chain – from raw material to machined machine parts– in-house. Through our technical expertise in PTFE and high-tech plastic, we support the development of new machine parts and provide advice and guidance regarding material attributes and areas of applications. In addition, we are skilled in navigating the universe of sector-specific regulations and standards.

On the basis of a close working relationship, we ensure that our systematic quality assurance work is largely based on the detailed procedures and quality requirements we receive from our customers. All relevant data are verified by the individual employee initialling the production order. The painstaking exit control ensures that each and every unit meets your requirements, and that your order is packed correctly for the agreed shipping method. This means that we can deliver direct to your production lines, without the need for any other checks.

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Effective order control and great accessibility

Our customers work in many different fields and therefore request various levels of complexity and volumes. To accommodate their requests, we provide both large and small volumes, as well as prototypes and test batches. We are an experienced subcontractor, and over 50 years we have built up a scalable service structure designed to streamline our customers’ order management processes. With the focus on strengthening our customers’ competitive strength, we take a structured and deliberate approach to ensuring accessibility and reliable deliveries that ensure short lead times.

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Trygve Kalf Hansen - Acoplastic

Establish a reliable and productive solution in PTFE and high-tech plastic

Working with PTFE and high-tech plastic involves much more than just producing a machine part. It's all about how we can refine your products and optimize your processes. We are experts in areas including material attributes, moulding, machining, quality, and documentation.

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