ISO 9001 ensures the quality and traceability of Acoplastic’s PTFE processed machine parts and custom parts.

Quality and Documentation of Material

Documented quality on every level

Good and flawless quality leads to a better economy – for us as well as for our customers. Therefore, our quality chain only has room for the strongest links. This applies all the way from raw material suppliers to carriers. However, the most stringent requirements are those we set for ourselves. In the production, we have introduced a number of procedures, including ISO 9001, which ensure the quality and traceability of the manufactured units. We can also organize the quality process in cooperation with you to comply with your company’s set procedures in all respects. It gives the added benefit that our deliveries can be included directly in your production lines without the need for further control.

Acoplastic possesses the know-how that will guarantee you the highest quality in every delivery:

– ISO 9001:2015

Approvals for raw materials where we comply with the following:
EC 2023-2006
USB class 1-6
Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)