Quality Department

Advanced laboratory for internal tests and measurements

It requires a large selection of the best equipment in the market to ensure a quality that lives up to the micro tolerances we work with at Acoplastic – as well as experienced employees who are able to calibrate and use the equipment properly.

Our test laboratory currently includes:

  • Coordinate measuring devices: (2 pieces). DeMeet 404 hybrid models for both tactile and optical measurement and 1 DeMeet 220 for pure optical measurement (accuracy down to micrometer level)
  • Trigger Machines: Lloyd Instrument LRK + (Up to 2500 Newton Trigger + Compression Test)
  • Surface / roughness measurement: Diavite DH-8 (precise measurement of contours, roughness and a wide variety of different surface types)
  • Laboratory Weight: Mettler-Toledo (measuring mass density)

Acoplastic also has a close collaboration with selected specialists on DSC (Differential Scanning Caliometry) analysis – for instance used for documenting polymer morphology in our resin and compounds.

You can read more about our quality work, as well as certifications and approvals, here!