PTFE attributes

Thanks to its versatile attributes, PTFE is an amazing material that opens the door to multiple customised attributes in a single solution. This versatile material is an economical and flexible solution to the production of critical machine parts.

New functions demand new attributes

Specially produced material attributes are required to enable critical machine parts to cope with completely new functions. PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a material that unites a variety of disparate attributes in a single solution. Drawing on expertise stretching back more than 50 years, Acoplastic has the capacity to manufacture PTFE units with special attributes to match any application.

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PTFE – a wide variety of attributes means appreciable flexibility

Among the many advantages of PTFE the fact is that you can’t burn or melt it. Moreover, by mixing different additives in with virgin PTFE, Acoplastic accommodates a wide range of requirements including minimal friction, UV resistance, self-lubricating attributes and extra-long durability. Irrespective of the degree of difficulty, Acoplastic can improve your existing PTFE solution and put together precisely the attributes you need.

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PTFE compound attributes

The table below presents a good overview of properties and differences as regards our different Acoflon® compounds:

CompoundFillerDimensional stabilityCompressive strengthElastic modulusChemical resistanceHeat conducting capacityLubricating propertyWear resistanceFriction
Acoflon® 100Virgin PTFE++++
Acoflon® M100Modified PTFE+++++++
Acoflon® 105Glass fibre+++++++++
Acoflon® 212 CFCarbon fibre++++++++
Acoflon® 215Carbon++++++
Acoflon® 215 G5Carbon + Graphite++++++++
Acoflon® 305Graphite++++++++
Acoflon® 408Bronze++++++++++
Acoflon® 510AISI 316++++++++++
Acoflon® 813PEEK+++++++++

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PTFE features a variety of versatile attributes in a single solution

By mixing additives such as glass, carbon, graphite, bronze and stainless steel in with the virgin PTFE, we can tailor the attributes to match specific production environments and industries.
With PTFE and high-tech plastic as our area of expertise, we have the capacity to analyse complex issues and develop customized PTFE compound for your application.

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