PTFE applications

Machined parts made of PTFE and high-tech plastic are often used in areas with stringent environmental and quality requirements. PTFE can be shaped with precision and can thus be adapted to suit applications in all kinds of production settings and sectors.

Adapted to suit industry-specific quality requirements

PTFE is often used in areas with stringent environmental and quality requirements.
As a specialist supplier, we are skilled in navigating the universe of customer-specific regulations and standards.
Working with the best production equipment, our team of experts can supply comprehensive documentation to ensure full traceability.

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From highly specialised machine parts to semi-finished products

As a subcontractor to a wide range of sectors and industries, Acoplastic manufactures and delivers finished machine parts and semi-finished products in accordance with industry-specific requirements and standards. With more than 50 years of expertise and over 25,000 different machine parts to our name, our defining quality is our in-depth familiarity with the peerless attributes and strengths of plastic when used for critical machine parts in valves, pumps, instrumentation, as well food/pharma sectors.

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Applications of PTFE compounds

On account of their different attributes, our Acoflon® compounds are used in a wide variety of products and sectors. The table below shows where the individual types are used most often:

CompoundFillerPharmaceutical componentsFood production componentsBellows/
piston rings
Self-lubricating applications
Acoflon® 100Virgin PTFE+++
Acoflon® M100Modified PTFE++++
Acoflon® 105Glass fibre++
Acoflon® 212 CFCarbon fibre++
Acoflon® 215Carbon++
Acoflon® 215 G5Carbon + Graphite+++
Acoflon® 305Graphite+++
Acoflon® 408Bronze+++
Acoflon® 510AISI 410L++
Acoflon® 813PEEK+++++

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PTFE features a variety of versatile attributes in a single solution

By mixing additives such as glass, carbon, graphite, bronze and stainless steel in with the virgin PTFE, we can tailor the attributes to match specific production environments and industries.
With PTFE and high-tech plastic as our area of expertise, we have the capacity to analyse complex issues and develop customized PTFE compound for your application.

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