PTFE Machine Parts and Custom Parts

All kinds of machined items in PTFE

Even after 47 years of success on the market, there are still many who are surprised at how wide a field of application PTFE has – and how many benefits PTFE machined units offer. Acoplastic has continuously invested in the latest types of PTFE machining, so you can get exactly the PTFE custom parts and machine components that you need produced:

PTFE membrane
PTFE bellows
PTFE bushings
PTFE seals
PTFE gaskets

PTFE backup rings
PTFE sealing rings
PTFE valves
PTFE valve seats
PFTE valve parts
PFTE wear rings
PTFE tubes
PTFE pump parts
PTFE foils
PTFE semi-finished products
PTFE balls
PTFE sliding elements