Prototypes and test batches

With fast response times and focus on the price optimisation, we guide and advise our customers about prototypes and test batches in PTFE and high-tech plastic – machine parts machined with microscopic precision to enter seamlessly into a host of industrial applications.

Qualified guidance from prototype to production

When it comes to critical machine parts, compromising on tolerances and quality is simply not an option. Reliable machine parts are the key to secure operation. With our extensive experience in PTFE and high-tech plastic, we are skilled at providing advice and guidance, as well as at manufacturing customized plastic machine parts with microscopic precision so that they can enter smoothly into applications in a wide variety of industries.

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Prototype og testserie

Secure handling of test batches

No matter whether our customers have a finished drawing or simply a rough sketch of a machine part, we can to run a laboratory and/or field test. We at Acoplastic can provide advice about the material’s performance and quickly produce prototypes and test batches. By running post-calculations on the test results, we optimise the plastic machine parts for the further production process, and can supply the relevant documentation and approvals.

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PTFE testserie
Christian Dyrby Pedersen - Acoplastic

Establish a reliable and productive solution in PTFE and high-tech plastic

Working with PTFE and high-tech plastic involves much more than just producing a machine part. It's all about how we can refine your products and optimize your processes. We are experts in areas including material attributes, moulding, machining, quality, and documentation.

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PTFE features a variety of versatile attributes in a single solution

By mixing additives such as glass, carbon, graphite, bronze and stainless steel in with the virgin PTFE, we can tailor the attributes to match specific production environments and industries.
With PTFE and high-tech plastic as our area of expertise, we have the capacity to analyse complex issues and develop customized PTFE compound for your application.

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