One-stop shop

Experience our one-stop shop concept, were we apply customised solutions to generate value in our customers’ supply chains.

Short process from raw material to machined part

With the entire supply chain in-house, we are less dependent on suppliers. This means that we can shorten the process from raw material to machined part. Acoplastic commands a fast and efficient production process that ensures that the finished machine parts can slip smoothly into our customers’ production flows. The benefits of our one-stop shop concept is that our customers avoid having to deal with the challenges inherent in working with multiple suppliers at the same time – different forms of partnership, and varying delivery times.

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Experience the value of our one-stop shop concept

With a single plastic supplier that delivers a wide spectrum of PFTE and high-tech plastics, our customers can be sure of fast delivery times for their machine parts. We provide partnership agreements that are centred on specific customer requirements and which generate value in our customers’ supply chains.

The units are delivered with the necessary certifications and approvals, and can be manufactured in a single process or in batches over a given period. Through efficient production management, we adapt delivery dates and the desired warehouse status, depending on our customers’ needs with regard to frequency and volume.

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Trygve Kalf Hansen - Acoplastic

Establish a reliable and productive solution in PTFE and high-tech plastic

Working with PTFE and high-tech plastic involves much more than just producing a machine part. It's all about how we can refine your products and optimize your processes. We are experts in areas including material attributes, moulding, machining, quality, and documentation.

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PTFE features a variety of versatile attributes in a single solution

By mixing additives such as glass, carbon, graphite, bronze and stainless steel in with the virgin PTFE, we can tailor the attributes to match specific production environments and industries.
With PTFE and high-tech plastic as our area of expertise, we have the capacity to analyse complex issues and develop customized PTFE compound for your application.

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Reliability isn't expensive, it's priceless