Acoplastic specifies and documents the processes, including the quality control, based on your requirements.

PPAP – Control Reports

Specification of the processes according to your requirements

PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) is a structured approval process, known from TS16949, which is widely used in the automotive industry. Over the past decades, more and more major companies have seen the benefits of the approval process and chosen to implement the standard, and today PPAP is one of the cornerstones in Acoplastic’s Quality Management System. This means that we are able to specify and document the capability and quality control of the processes based on your requirements – and it applies throughout our entire production line. With this optimal transparency, you can always be certain that the performance and the quality of the subject will meet your expectations.

Control and documentation

Throughout the production process, there is a continuous visual and mechanical control at all levels – from raw material production and machining to final inspection and exit control. When executing PPAP we prepare a number of documents according to your wishes, for example:

  • Process Capability Analysis
  • Overview of quality control
  • Material quality
  • Risk assessment of critical operations

This documentation ensures that all units meet your requirements and specifications so that they can be included directly in your production line. Through a constant dialogue, based among other things on PPAP control reports and quality tests, we can continuously fine-tune the solution and optimize on the individual sub-processes.

If you would like further information about our certifications and approvals, please contact our engineers at tel. (+45) 4925 2160 or via info@acoplastic.dk

Acoplastic also offers non-binding advice on the use of items in PTFE and high-tech plastics in your production – read more about our service here!