PTFE custom parts and machine parts are often used in medical-technical equipment due to the high requirements for quality.


Great advantages in replacing metal parts with PTFE components

For a number of years, we have witnessed an increasing tendency for replacing metallic components in medical technical equipment with high-quality plastics. And it’s hardly surprising when you know the benefits of components made of PTFE and construction plastic. We have plenty of examples where the shift has meant significantly improved functionality, weight reduction and a more economical manufacturing process. Amongst other reasons, PTFE is chosen because it is a very clean basic product and chemically resistant.

Of course, our PTFE products always come with a comprehensive technical material documentation; for instance, in relation to food contact requirements.

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Examples of typical parts for the pharma sector made by Acoplastic:

PTFE membranes
PTFE bellows
PTFE bushings
PTFE seals
PTFE gaskets
PTFE backup rings
PTFE sealing rings

There are many advantages to using PTFE for custom parts in the Pharma sector
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