Achieve the many advantages of PTFE guiding tape

To prevent contact between metal parts in cylinders guiding tape is exposed to excessive wear and tear, therefore it has a high replacement frequency. Over the years Acoplastic has assisted a lot of customers. By replacing machine parts with guiding tape their economy has also benefited significantly

Guiding tape in custom-made length, width, and thickness

At Acoplastic we are experts in providing guiding tape in all kinds of custom-made sizes. The guide strip has a cross-section with adjustment on all edges, so that edge pressures in the groove corners are avoided. The adaption simplifies the assembly, and we also offer cuttings, that fits any piston and rod diameter. We can cut the ends to suit your preferences, and the most popular cut sections are 90°, 45°, 40°, and 20°.

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Guiding tape made of different compounds with consistent quality and traceability

We produce guiding tape made of PTFE and customized compounds that meets the necessary functional attributes that your application need. We use the best materials and after production we use 4-eyes principle to secure the best quality, and Acoflon® ensures the same consistent quality with full traceability. As a specialist supplier, we have the entire supply chain in-house from raw material to finished machine parts.

Our guiding tape can be delivered in the following compounds:

Acoflon® 100
Virgin PTFE
Acoflon® M100
Modified PTFE
Acoflon® 105
Glass fibre
Acoflon® 212 CF
Carbon fibre
Acoflon® 215
Acoflon® 215 G5
Carbon + Graphite
Acoflon® 305
Acoflon® 408
Acoflon® 510
AISI 316
Acoflon® 813

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PTFE and high-tech plastics are reliable and productive

At Acoplastic PTFE and high-tech plastics is more than just compounds and machine parts. It is all about how we can refine products and optimize processes. We are experts in material attributes, moulding, machining, quality, and documentation. With one supplier, that offers a wide range of plastic machining, our customers are guaranteed a fast delivery time of machine parts in PTFE and high-tech plastic. We offer collaboration agreements with a focus on individual needs, that create value in our customers’ supply chain.

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Trygve Kalf Hansen - Acoplastic

Establish a reliable and productive solution in PTFE and high-tech plastic

Working with PTFE and high-tech plastic involves much more than just producing a machine part. It's all about how we can refine your products and optimize your processes. We are experts in areas including material attributes, moulding, machining, quality, and documentation.

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Reliability isn't expensive, it's priceless