We have 100% control over all stages of the production process


PTFE from own moulding department

Acoplastic has the inarguably best technology for producing quality solutions in PTFE. With our own Molding department, we control 100% of all stages of the production process and can process your product at a very high level.

The raw materials are purchased from the world’s most innovative suppliers in the field – based on the demands to the specifications.

In addition to compounds for self-production, we also sell PTFE as a semi-finished product, e.g. Acoflon® (our own brand) and PTFE lubricant, on demand. Due to a high production capacity, we are always capable of delivery and can handle even the largest orders.

250 recipes – most of them customer-specific

At Acoplastic we produce the PTFE “raw materials”. Tell us what qualities your item needs, and we concoct the recipe in PTFE that best solves the task. We do this by adding various additives such as glass, coal, carbon fibres, ceramics, ekonol and graphite or metallic components such as stainless steel and bronze. Throughout the past 47 years, we have developed more than 250 recipes, each of which fulfills a carefully defined purpose.

The moulding and sintering process makes the PTFE material ready for machining

Upon moulding, the supplied PTFE powder is compressed under high pressure to seal the material and make it ready for sintering. Precise process control during moulding helps ensure quality and prevents the finished material from cracking.

Both hydraulic and isostatic pressures are used in our moulding department, ensuring the highest productivity and quality.

Sintering is a process in which the compressed PTFE is heated and “fused” into the finished raw material; ready for machining. The entire course is controlled and monitored closely as the optimal structure of the PTFE material is achieved by correct cooling through the crystalline phase. By further maintaining the temperature at a certain point for a longer period of time, the residual stress from the moulding process can be removed.

Our experience and know-how in relation to moulding and sintering ensures a form-stable raw material that enables production of end products with small tolerances and high demands.

Acoplastic’s products:

  • PTFE molding – rods, pipes and plates – semi-finished products
  • ACOFLON® (own brand in PTFE) – isostat / hydraulically pressed and machined PTFE
  • Virgin PTFE, modified PTFE and PTFE 2 components or more, e.g. PEEK / PTFE

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