Acoplastic’s mission is to give your company a certain competitive advantage through developing solutions in PTFE and construction plastics.

Mission & vision

Acoplastic A/S er kendt for

  • Performing tasks of particularly high complexity
  • Supplying components with a high degree of machining
  • Creating results through commitment, development and extensive service
  • Being the strategic, value-adding partner


Acoplastic’s mission is to provide our customers with a certain competitive advantage through engineering, design, development and production of individual solutions in PTFE or high-tech plastic materials.

With the development of precise PTFE recipes in our own registered trademark, Acoflon®, with its associated machining method, we ensure optimal conditions and performance for your products and / or machines.


Acoplastic wants to be the generally preferred strong and attractive partner in machined machine parts in PTFE and related complex materials and:

  • We will ensure that deliveries and services will always be in accordance with set agreements
  • We will deliver the agreed quantity and quality on time
  • We will provide a service that is visible and whose value creation can be documented
  • We will provide security and minimize our customers’ risk
  • We will be an attractive workplace and attract competent employees
  • We will generate earnings for continued development and growth