Acoplastic’s PTFE machine parts meet any specification in the food sector.

PTFE Machine Parts for Food Production

Custom-made PTFE machine parts for the food sector

There are many requirements for machines and equipment that can come into contact with food – and our machine parts in PTFE and construction plastics can meet any specification:

  • Chemical resistance to heavy cleaning
  • Water resistant design in the hygiene class ‘non-toxic’, non-absorbent

Of course, our PTFE machine parts always come with a comprehensive technical material documentation; for instance, in relation to food contact requirements.

Better and cheaper than metallic components

With PTFE and construction plastic, we can design solutions that provide better performance and easier handling of cleaning and disinfection than metallic components. As the manufacturing process at the same time is simpler, you will generally achieve a better overall economy as well.

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Examples of typical PTFE machine parts for Acoplastic food machines:

PTFE covers
PTFE protective tubes
PTFE membranes

There are many advantages to using PTFE for machine parts for food machines – read more about them here!