Acoplastic specializes in ‘Just in time’-delivery of PTFE machine parts and custom parts directly to your production.

Logistics Tailored to Your Production

‘Just in time’-delivery of items in PTFE and high-tech plastic materials

You define the specifications, level of machining and delivery time – and we’ll take care of everything else. Acoplastic is known for a unique service level, and we specialize in ‘just in time’-delivery of PTFE items, such as structural components for machine construction and custom designs with sealing purposes. Furthermore, we process a number of other high-performance plastic types such as PEEK, PP, PA, PEI, POM, etc.

A common factor for all deliveries is that they are adapted to our customers’ production and are often delivered ‘Just-in-time’. Guarantee and precision of delivery are thus an important factor in the overall package you get as a customer at Acoplastic.

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