Our turntable department operates with tolerances down to +/- 20 μm and Ra <0.8.

Lathe Department

Machining with minimal tolerances

Our high-tech machinery park is geared to face any challenge. The same goes for our experienced employees who operate daily with tolerances of +/- 20 μm and Ra <0.8. Several of them have 30-40 years of experience and know everything about correcting the machines on tolerances.

Milling and turning in PTFE and high-tech plastic materials

We mainly process items made in PTFE as well as modern high-tech plastic materials such as PEEK – the perfect solution for products that cannot be used exclusively with metal parts or where there are extremely high demands for the material’s properties and resistance.

From one unit to millions

Our large, flexible capacity and high level of automation makes it possible to produce and deliver at short notice – regardless of the number of units. The unique surfaces give you significant competitive advantages, when it comes to machine parts, gaskets and bushes in larger series.

Acoplastic also specializes in PTFE milling – read more about our services here!