ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Continuous quality improvement through dialogue

With ISO 9001, we have created an overview of our work and business practices and the correlation between the many initiatives within quality management and control. The systematic quality work also gives a foundation for a good dialogue with the customers, where we help each other and continually fine-tune the processes.

Quality in cooperation with the customer

As a serious subcontractor to large parts of Danish and foreign industries, we always perform the quality process in cooperation with our customers and suppliers. We therefore work not only on the basis of a previously defined quality system, but largely according to the individual customer’s set procedures and rules – and always based on the most important common denominator. Therefore, our items can often be included directly in the customer’s production lines without the need for further control.

Kontrol og sporbarhed fra start til slut

There will be continuous control at all levels – during raw material production, during machining, as well as at the final inspection. All relevant data is verified by the individual employee’s initials on the production order. The thorough exit check ensures that each unit meets your requirements and is packaged according to the agreed method of shipment.

Acoplastic has been ISO 9001 certified since 2007 and was at the beginning of 2016 approved for ISO 9001: 2015.

Acoplastics certifikat: ISO 9001: 2015