PSU features excellent mechanical, thermal and electric attributes.

PSU is an amorphous, transparent plastic with a slightly yellow hue

PSU is ideal for a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical, medical, electronics, and food industries. PSU is most commonly used for machine parts in medical devices that are parts to steam autoclaving, sterilisation trays, handles on dental and surgical equipment, hydraulic connectors, fittings, electric insulators, machine parts in medical equipment and analysis equipment, as well as machine parts in milking machines, pumps, and valves.

The principal mechanical attributes of PSU include high impact strength, superior creep resistance and dimensional stability. PSU has a low thermal expansion coefficient across a broad temperature range – from -100°C to + 160°C – and is supplied in sheets and rods.

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PSU complies with FDA regulations and EU directives. PSU is self-extinguishing and hardly flammable. PSU can be glued with dichloromethane. PSU is suitable for vacuum shaping, but like several other thermoplastics, it should be pre-dried before heating. PSU features low electric moisture assimilation. PSU’s attributes translate into high surface resistance, high specific resistance and high impact strength.

PSU is often used in the electronics, automotive, aeronautical, and aerospace industries for domestic appliances. PSU is used for sight glass, domestic appliances, filter panels, microwave oven parts, electric machine parts, pump parts, machine parts for washing machines and insulators. PSU is suitable for hot-air and ultrasound welding. PSU is affected by UV rays, even though features some resistance to radiation. PSU is sensitive to notch stresses. PSU is resistant to beta, gamma and X-ray radiation. It is hard to ignite and generates minimal smoke – classified V0.

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PSU features

  • High maximum operating temperature: 150°C
  • High mechanical strength and rigidity across a broad temperature range
  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance – withstands frequent steam sterilisation
  • Tough even at low temperatures
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Resistant to radioactive radiation, gamma and X-ray radiation
  • Good electric and dielectric attributes
  • Can be used for processing foods.

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PTFE features a variety of versatile attributes in a single solution

By mixing additives such as glass, carbon, graphite, bronze and stainless steel in with the virgin PTFE, we can tailor the attributes to match specific production environments and industries.
With PTFE and high-tech plastic as our area of expertise, we have the capacity to analyse complex issues and develop customized PTFE compound for your application.

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