Elektroniske sensorer

Electronic Sensors / Instruments

Highly specialized manufacture

Acoplastic has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing highly specialized PTFE components for electronic devices, such as sensors and measuring instruments. We meet your highest quality standards and deliver exactly the way and at the time that suits your production best.

You can also benefit from these skills in your future production.

Contact our sales engineers at tel. (+45) 4925 2160 or info@acoplastic.dk to get a good offer on the solution of your next task.

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Eksempler på typiske dele til elektronik fremstillet hos Acoplastic:

PTFE membranes
PTFE bellows
PTFE bushings
PTFE seals
PTFE gaskets
PTFE backup rings
PTFE sealing rings

There are many advantages to using PTFE for electronic sensors / instruments
– read more about them here!