You can draw on Acoplastic’s consultancy straight from the idea development to the delivery of finished units.


Consultancy is our most important recipe

Dialogue and sparring open up new possibilities and lead to more effective solutions. Our goal is to add value to your project through competent sparring, counselling and final production. You can draw on our specific skills straight from the idea development to the delivery of finished product.

Idea-nurturing with a focus on price / quality

At Acoplastic we have helped develop hundreds of innovative solutions based on PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and high-tech plastics (e.g. PEEK, PPS, HDPE). Our knowledge and experience is your guarantee for achieving the best combination of price and quality. With a crisp approach to design and development, we are able to minimize your development costs – both for the production of high-quality products in larger or smaller series and for prototypes or smaller series of tests.

You are always welcome to contact us if you wish to discuss:

  • Application of components made of PTFE, PEEK and other high-tech plastics
  • Choice of material
  • Design of solutions in PTFE and high-tech plastic materials
  • Traceability of materials / units
  • Compliance Declarations / Certificates
  • Control and documentation
  • Logistics (e.g. delivery ‘just in time’)

Choosing the correct PTFE compound or construction plastic for a given application is a complex task to, so drawing on Acoplastic’s insight and experience will save you both time and resources.

Contact our sales engineer to get an offer on your specific PTFE solution