Acoplastic manufactures PTFE machine parts and custom parts for a wide range of industries.

Choose Your Industry

Subcontractor of PTFE machine parts for any industry

As a subcontractor, Acoplastic manufactures and supplies finished parts and semi-finished products according to your requirements and specifications. We can machine all types of plastic materials for finished machine parts, and we have furthermore studied the requirements to a degree that enables us to perform checks and deliver the required documentation. This enables our deliveries to slip smoothly into your production flow.

The use of parts in PTFE and high-tech plastic is very wide and Acoplastic supplies to the following industries:

Customer-specific topics in PTFE

The list of tasks we’ve solved for customers is very long – and if you have something to add to this list, we are happy to do so:

PTFE machine parts
PTFE CNC machine parts
PTFE OEM parts
PTFE membranes
PTFE bellows
PTFE bushings
PTFE seals
PTFE gaskets
PTFE backup rings
PTFE sealing rings
PTFE valves
PTFE valve seats
PTFE studs
PTFE mixers
PTFE foils
PTFE semi-finished products
PTFE balls
PTFE lubricants / lubricators
PTFE sliding elements
PTFE polymer with 2 components
PTFE stainless steel
PTFE bronze
PTFE customer-specific units