EN 10204:2004

Declarations of Conformity:

Acoplastic can offer certificates according to EN 10204: 2004 so you hold documentation that the delivery of the material and the units meets your requirements.

2.1 – Work Declaration:
Declaration of conformity of produced items with the purchase agreement and internal quality control.

2.2 – Work Certificate:
Declaration of conformity with the purchase agreement, internal quality control and specification of test results obtained by non-specific batch inspection.

3.1 – Inspection Certificate:
Declaration of Conformity with the Purchase Agreement, Internal Quality Control with specification of test results obtained by specific batch inspection.

The material quality is tested in own laboratory, and by default is a mass measurement and tensile test, where the mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, tension and elasticity, are determined.

If you would like further information about our declaration of conformity and testing of other properties, please contact our engineers at tel. (+45) 4925 2160 or via

Acoplastic also offers non-binding consultancy on the use of units in PTFE and high-tech plastics in your production – read more about our services here!