Reliable machine parts are the key to operational reliability in all production environments and industries. Through the versatility of their attributes, PTFE and high-tech plastic machine parts can be adapted to meet specific needs and integrated into your application with microscopic precision.

At Acoplastic, we work with guidance and production of critical machine parts in PTFE and high-tech plastic. With more than 50 years of expertise and over 25,000 units to our name, our distinguishing feature is our in-depth familiarity with the peerless attributes and strengths of plastic when used for critical machine parts in valves, pumps, instrumentations, as well the food/pharma sectors.

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Flexible production of machine parts in PTFE and high-tech plastic

Machine parts made of PTFE and high-tech plastic are often used in areas with a stringent environmental and quality requirements. In the field of industrial production, PTFE and high-tech plastic constitute an economical and flexible solution for critical machine parts. Our customers request various levels of complexity and volumes. We are therefore skilled in supplying large and small volumes. Prototypes and test batches based on our customers’ niche drawings for both new and existing machine parts.

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Full traceability and just-in-time delivery

As a specialist supplier, we are skilled in navigating the universe of sector-specific regulations and standards. With the best production equipment, our team of specialists has the capacity to handle PTFE and high-tech plastic machining assignments of any level of complexity. As an independent supplier, we cover the entire supply chain – from raw material to machined machine part – in-house. This is your guarantee of full traceability and just-in-time delivery.

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We supply PTFE and high-tech plastic solutions for all kinds of production set-ups and sectors.
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