Stay updated with our work with guidance and production of critical machine parts in PTFE and high-tech plastic.

It takes expertise in the attributes, life cycle and resource efficiency of plastic to accommodate the constantly increasing demands on quality and environmental aspects in industrial production. At Acoplastic, we are at the very cutting edge of development because we strive proactively to master the development trends in PFTE and high-tech machine parts of tomorrow.

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Acoplastic continues to develop our technology platform

In January 2023 Acoplastic received our first Okuma Multus B250 II. Acoplastic can hereby expand our machine park with a 5-axis (100% simultaneous) CNC machine with sub-spindle.

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We are increasing our prices

Since the pandemic hit in 2020, manufacturing industry globally has experienced a severe shortage of raw materials. The effect is leading to unforeseeable increases, in the price of critical raw materials required in the PTFE and other high tech plastic materials manufacturing process.

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