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Innovation in PTFE and high-tech plastic – top-quality plastic solutions for industrial production in Denmark and abroad.

We are Acoplastic

Reliable machine parts are the key to operational reliability in all production environments and industries. Through the versatility of their attributes, PTFE and high-tech plastic machine parts can be adapted to meet specific needs and integrated into your application with microscopic precision. On the strength of 50 years of expertise, our defining quality at Acoplastic is our in-depth familiarity with the peerless strengths of plastic when used for critical machine parts in valves, pumps, instrumentation, as well the food/pharma sectors.

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Innovative material solutions constitute a key competitive parameter in modern industrial production. Acoplastic is committed to working as a specialist supplier of PTFE and high-tech plastic machine parts for reliable operation in a wide range of production environments and industries. Our management team drives the strategic development of our role on the Danish and international markets by setting out an unambiguous direction and objective.

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The latest news from Acoplastic and the industry

It takes expertise in the attributes, life cycle and resource efficiency of plastic to accommodate the constantly increasing demands on quality and environmental aspects in industrial production. At Acoplastic, we are at the very cutting edge of development because we strive proactively to master the development trends that are helping to shape the PFTE and High-tech plastic machine parts solutions of tomorrow.

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Reliability isn't expensive, it's priceless