Since 1969, Acoplastic has tailor-made PTFE recipes and construction plastics for Danish and international industrial companies.
Acoplastic’s mission is to give your company a certain competitive advantage through developing solutions in PTFE and construction plastics.

Our Story

Niche production and experiments with PTFE

It all started in 1969 with some machines from DTI (Danish Thermoplastic Industry) and some customers who for strategic reasons were out of their field. Under the leadership of the founder, Kjeld Aaby Pedersen, Acoplast – who back then also used the sub-name Advance Construction Plastic – grew faster and began experimenting with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene). The result was a visionary niche production in the area around Helsingør. For a number of years, chemistry engineer Oscar Laut was responsible for systematization and development of many of the currently used receptions within the field of PTFE.

Nurturing new product areas

The company moved in 1988 to the factory building at Løvdalsvej 5 in Helsingør. This provided space to supplement the production of critical machine parts with PTFE coated surfaces on different machine equipment. However, this part of production was closed down a few years later.

Independent fund introduces new technology

On March 11, 1997, Kjeld Aaby Pedersen died, and Acoplastic’s future construction and existence was secured through the establishment of a self-governing fund. The company continued its expansion with the further development of critical machine components for Danish and foreign industry – primarily within the field of PTFE. This phase was also characterized by a simultaneous introduction of modern management principles and modern technology, including production robots, production management systems and quality systems.

Internationalization and expansion

In connection to the extensive change in the company at the beginning of the new millennium, Acoplast changed its name to the more international Acoplastic A / S – still continuing with the sub-name Advance Construction Plastic. Since then, we have continuously expanded our production area and therefore, in 2012, we purchased the next-door property, Løvdalsvej 7A, where most of the administration has moved to.

Acoplastic is today – with an experienced staff and the latest in production equipment and systems – well equipped to continue serving Danish and foreign industry with critical machine components in mainly PTFE, PEEK and other high-tech materials.         

Business cases for your industry

Do you have a concrete problem or would you like more information about the use of PTFE or construction plastics in your field? Then we probably already have the necessary knowledge and experience from previous projects that can help you in the process. And you are always welcome to draw on our consultancy – completely non-binding.

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